Passion for saving: A man blowtorches his hand to prove insulating foam works.

To qualify this, you’ve got to remember that it’s probably a lot safer to do rigorous testing in a safe environment before anything else.

And he eats it too. That’s good for publicity.

Sometimes engineering isn’t always about building tall buildings or designing computer chips. This guy looks like he’s a chemical engineer, assuming he did all the work in inventing this foam. And chemical engineers thrive on finding better materials for all sorts of things. This is often done in a laboratory.

But he’s gone out of the lab and done this work himself, because he’s got a passion. And who knows why: maybe he’s had relatives suffer from burns, needlessly; maybe he himself did; maybe he just cares that much. But the truth is that having passion is what matters, not why. And he’s certainly got passion to help.

And dedication. He knew how many heads would turn if he blowtorched his hand and ate the foam right afterwards.

Those sorts of things can be left to an advertising branch, but a true engineer will take it upon themselves to do that work, if they don’t have an advertising branch. Because engineers don’t invent for the sake of inventing—they invent to make a difference. And sometimes making a difference means getting everyone’s attention.


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