Science Pub lecture shows how cool UO’s nanotech is.

If you’ve ever needed yet another cool reason to be a scientist, there are science pubs–informal events at various pubs, where scientists give lectures and chat and mingle and eat and drink and network with other scientists.

Coming up is a science pub in Albany. The news in itself isn’t relevant except for the interesting lectures taking place there, one in particular: “Nanotechnology: Unveiling the big world of the very small.” A lecture given by UO Professor Dave Johnson.

Professor Johnson is a pretty qualified and prestigious professor, getting his PhD from Cornell and winning awards pretty consistently since then. his nanotech talk is all about how nanotechnology–designs and structures only nanometers in size–will bolster and breathe new life into other fields like computing, renewable energy, medicine, and building materials.

Nanotechnology is a great field for anyone who is interested in engineering at a very fundamental level. Our previous posts about graphene and transistors are just some examples of how nanotechnology applies today. And UO is a great place to learn, thanks in part to Professor Johnson.

Read on:


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