100% LEGO Arm. Cheap Prosthetics?

A LEGO hobbyist and YouTube video maker named Max Shepherd uploaded his most recent creation, something which is pretty impressive and very cool: A prosthetic arm design, made completely out of LEGOs.

Probably not getting put on someone’s shoulder any time soon, but very cool.

For something made totally out of LEGO parts, this is a great feat. It’s not as agile or strong as regular prosthetic limb designs, but it can do a lot of humanlike things as seen in the video.

While LEGOs as prosthetic limbs may not be a reality for our immediate future, this is definitely testament to the fact that technology has gotten so accessible now, that someone with some spare time can make a fully-functional limb. All you need to do this yourself is time, patience, and the engineering and programming skills you can learn here in Oregon.

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