Oregon’s National Engineers Month: What it means for you.

Every February, Oregon spends the whole month spreading the engineering love with the event called National Engineers Month. It’s actually a week in most states; it’s a month in Oregon because engineering is just that hot.

There’s a group called the Business Education Compact which is in charge of NEM. What BEC aims to do is get professionals in classrooms, to show students some of the jobs that are out there. When these professionals get in there, it usually makes the news just for how awesome the results are.

Read about how Intel visited Mooberry Elementary School in Hillsboro, and taught them to build bridges with spaghetti and marshmallows. Pictures here. A quote from the article:

…when lemonade stands begin popping up on street corners, remember that takes at least four engineers to open a lemonade stand: a civil engineer to design the stand; a chemical engineer to concoct the right mix of lemon, sugar and water; an industrial engineer to manage the supply chain; and an electrical engineer to keep the lemonade chilled to the right temperature.

We at GetReal think this is a great thing, but it’s pretty likely that you’ve already seen something like this in one of your science classes. It’s pretty cool, but you’re in high school now. What you want is opportunities.

Well, BEC also has that covered for NEM (and the rest of the year). They have a great list of available internships. Plus, while they’re all related to engineering, some of them are pretty unique. If you want, convince your teacher to register for next year’s NEM. Talk to your science teacher about it.

Read on:


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