Raspberry Pi Launches — Homebrew coders go wild

We’ve briefly mentioned Raspberry Pi in the past, but haven’t given it the spotlight just yet.

It’s a cheap computer, costing about $35, which is designed to be a teaching aid and general tool for programmers. The target audience is 13-18 year old students, to help people like you learn programming.

Raspberry Pi launched today, and the website got so much traffic that they crashed and had to revert to a static site. It looks like Raspberry Pi is going to be a huge success.

Since it was developed in the UK that’s where it’s being released, so us folks in the US might have a little trouble getting them. Especially with the massive sales.

But we highly recommend talking to your science, engineering or computer science teachers about Raspberry Pi. See what they think, and see how they feel about trying to acquire some for the classroom. Even one or two would make a great tool, but they’re cheaper than most textbooks and are very capable!

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