Program your way to a good career: what makes a good app.

While it’s unrealistic to believe that just anyone can go out, make some app, and get rich, it’s always cool to see those stories. Learning about what kinds of apps get instant success can help aspiring programmers figure out what sorts of features make an app good.

Here’s what we’re seeing: apps designed for Web 3.0, the socialized web, are what are successful. Integrating social sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, and several other ‘er’ websites let’s people share what they’re doing, which people like to do.

A 5-week-old app called Draw Something has over 20 million downloads, and is reportedly making six figures a day. Not bad. It’s a social game which integrates with Twitter (see?), and there are some impressive stats to read in this Business Insider article.

Today we’re talking business. Money. We’re saying that, even if you can’t strike gold and make a super-successful app like this, apps are a quickly-growing market, and it’s easy to get started. Check out our Read On section for some handy resources.

The last app we know of that got this kind of success was Words With Friends, another social game. This one chose to integrate with Facebook.

If there’s one thing to learn from all this, it’s that the success of these apps was definitely helped by their social integration. Humans are naturally very social, and we either like competing, showing off, or simply sharing. Even if you’re not making a game, think of a useful way to socially integrate what you program. Because social integration is the current trend of the internet. It’s Web 3.0.

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