Google’s CSSI and TechStart’s OGPC—Great opportunities for computer scientists.

With Spring term coming up (or already started) it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do this Summer, and of course for this term.

A lot of you will be graduating and continuing on to college. Those who are might be interested in a really great opportunity provided by Google: The Computer Science Summer Institute. CSSI 2012 is going to take 60 young computer scientists from the US and Canada on an all-expense-paid summer camp. It’s worth submitting an applicationThe application closes April 20th, so there’s still time! This is a great summertime activity.

For everyone, graduating or not, we have this year’s Oregon Game Project ChallengeOGPC 2012, coming up. Registration closes April 4th, so register your team ASAP! Here’s a short narrative on this year’s theme, Urban Planning:

The city of Oregonia is bursting at the seams. Because of a lack of early urban planning, the city is dealing with the legacy of poor decisions and now faces heavy traffic, long commutes, poor access to social services, and a decaying inner city. Can you turn back the clock and write a new future for Oregonia that leads to a harmonious urban plan? Or perhaps you can introduce revolutionary change and help guide Oregonia to a better future.
-OGPC 2012 [more info]

We talk about OGPC a lot, because we love it. And we think you’ll love it too. Go register right now; it’s a great Spring-term activity!

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