Naomi Shah, from Portland, wins Google Global Science Fair

At just 16, Naomi was one of three winners of the Google Global Science Fair. She met with President Obama and other important government policymakers, and shared her science project.

Watch this interview with Naomi:

As you can see she’s very interested in the environment, and got
motivation from her family’s health problems. She might not
be an engineer, but the problems she’s trying to solve
will need engineers to design solutions.

Naomi is great, and so are the other two winners, shown in this video.

One of the girls says that she got started by simply emailing professors around
where she lived, and asking to work in their labs.
Eventually, one said yes.

There are some great lessons to be learned from these three girls, these winners of the Google Global Science Fair. But we think among the most important is that you shouldn’t wait for someone to give you a goal or motivation; you need to find that on your own. Once you have that, though, you’ll find that everything starts falling into place. That doesn’t mean things will be easy, but it does mean things will work out.

Obviously we want you to participate in contests like these, but as an engineer or computer scientist. But wherever your scientific interests lie, these girls (and Naomi in particular, since she lives close to you!) can be a good inspiration.

Seriously, it’s pretty sweet that their trophies are made of LEGO, and they got to hang out with President Obama. All because they did some research on cancer, marinated chicken, and asthma… It’s like the topic didn’t even really matter so long as it was legit work.

Oh wait, that’s true. For real: what your scientific interests are doesn’t matter so long as it’s something you’re really interested in, and you’re willing to do some legit work in that field of interest.

Read on:

  • PSU news release about Naomi doing some studies there, even though she’s still in high school.

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