Santiam Christian Schools FRC Team Makes Nationals.

And after eleven years of competing, it’s about time!

We mention FRC pretty frequently and so were glad to hear the good news that they made it to nationals. The regional event took place at Memorial Colosseum in Portland, where 65 other high school teams competed for the regional prize and the chance to compete at nationals.

Read about last year’s FRC regionals competition.

SCS made an alliance with teams 360 and 3711 from Washington state, with whom they managed to do the impossible feat: balancing three robots on a tilting ramp at the end of the round, for huge bonus points. No other teams managed to pull it off.

Now SCS is working to raise the $15,000 total (read: fifteen thousand dollars!) they’ll need to pay for airfare, hotels and food—and of course the $5,000 in registration fees—needed to attend the championships.

The national championships event will be on April 25-28 in St. Louis, Missouri. Wish them luck!


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