Link Dump 03/23

Not much to say today, let’s take a look at some great engineering and computer science links!

  • There’s a new solution for paraplegics, which allows them to stand upright. We want you to give their 10:00 video a watch, and think like an engineer about what problems it might have. In any case, we think this counts as ‘decrease the suck’ engineering.
  • A school in Brazil makes their students wear uniforms. Wait, it gets better. They have RFID chips in them which the school scans as students enter, to inform the parents whether or not they’re actually in school. Good solution for a dangerous region, or an invasion of a student’s privacy? You decide.
  • Very cool video of a guy who ‘designed a human-controlled ornithopter.’ It’s in quotes because the videos turned out to be a fake. But he’s got some good ideas in there, including using Wii controllers to control the motor-powered wings. Is a real version of this possible?
  • Here’s an achievement of flight that actually did happen, and it’s pretty cool. Check out this 45-foot paper airplane. Check out the “Experts” page.
  • MIT is doing research on taking photographs around corners.
  • We’ll finish off by continuing our trend of aircraft, check out this New York Times news video about the rise of “drones for hire.

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