Who Will Be Oregon’s Student Technologist of the Year?

TechStart is one of our favorite local groups. You may have heard of two programs they do: the Willamette University – TechStart Programming Contest, and the Oregon Game Project Challenge. Both of these programs get big participation and are a couple of the best programming events in the state.

It’s not too late to participate in OGPC—registration closes April 4th. Get a team together and participate in the contest! Remember: winning is cool but it’s not the point.

Well today we’re not talking about OGPC or the programming contest. We’re talking about yet another awesome TechStart does, the Oregon Student Technologist of the Year Award scholarship. And the entrance is pretty easy:

  1. Fill out the application (pdf | doc) and include a 1,000 word essay about why you’re awesome and why you do awesome stuff with technology.
  2. Include proof that you do awesome stuff with technology. Show them a a program you created (with source code), a website you created, digital video, a game you created, or anything like that. They say working examples are preferred (executable form or screencast), so they can play with it.
  3. Get a teacher to nominate you in the second part of the application.
  4. Profit. We’re talking about $1,500 profit, and an internship for when you go to college. Oh, and your teacher gets $500 too to ‘better their program,’ so basically everyone profits.

And the requirements are easy: You’ve got to be a high school senior who wants to pursue a career in technology.

Read on:


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