Link Dump 04/06

We’ll keep it brief, and instead just share the finest engineering and computer science links around:

  • Google begins testing “Google Glass,” a technology that they aim to integrate with smartphones. Imagine what kinds of apps you could code.
  • We may be able to 3 million megawatts of energy from geothermal sources, according to a physorg article. That’s 10x what we’re getting from coal right now. This could be the future for greengineers.
  • MIT always does interesting research. Here’s one about how they’re looking to make 3D-printable robots.

    A 3D-printed robot from MIT. Click to watch a video on the MIT website.

  • Physorg articles are long and wordy, but just like that last one, this article called “Robosquirrels versus Rattlesnakes” is worth a read.
  • Even the White House wants you to become a computer scientist. We only want you to do it if it’s what you want, but the point here is that if you do want to be a computer scientist there are a lot of people who will help you. Check out the White House’s Code Sprint webpage.
  • A brief quote, but worth reading for future engineers. Advice on when you should prepare for things going wrong. (Always).
  • If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work as an engineer at Facebook, this Ars Technica behind-the-scenes article on Facebook release engineering is worth a read. They mention some cool open-source software that they’ve released.
  • Almost everyone uses Linux every day, because the best computer scientists and the biggest tech companies use it to power their servers and products (like Android smartphones or Google search engines).

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