Augmented reality as a viable future for programmers

Google recently released this ad for what they call Project Glass, an augmented reality system. Naturally it will link up with smartphones and integrate apps and other features, making it easy to find your way around, make appointments, and take pictures like a spy.

This is Google’s rendering of what kinds of features they want to include
in Google Glass.

Some of these features will be very simple to port to glasses like these, which presumably would connect via bluetooth to one’s phone. But other features like creating a map overlay or doing video calls would be complex. Google already has a big team of programmers working on this project, but so far they haven’t released any actual demo videos. That ad is just a pre-rendered commercial.

But then this guy came along. A homebrew programmer named William Powell whipped up his own version quickly, and recorded this video:

And here’s what one homebrew programmer whipped up on his own.
It doesn’t do everything yet, but it’s not just rendered.
It’s actually happening live.

He threw this together from an existing augmented-reality headset called the WRAP920 AR, voice recognition technology called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and programmed the functionality with Adobe Air. The cool thing is that even though the headset might be hard to get, you might be able to get your hands on the voice recognition software. And Adobe Air is freeware. If you wanted to work on your own version of this, you could very well get to work right now.


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