Link Dump 5/04

Nothing to say here, just check out these great engineering and computer science links we’ve gathered for you!

  • Engineers can even work at Disney. Check out Disney Research’s new touch technology, that works with submerged water and everything else.
  • Microsoft Research video up next, showing ‘LightGuide’ projection. The intended use is for people needing physical therapy.
  • This is engineering that can actually reverse the effects of air pollution. Smog-eating roof tiles. Greengineering!
  • If you’re into math, physics or programming, the idea of making a playable 4D Rubik’s Cube will sound pretty awesome. Explanation of the mathematics behind it on the page. Oh, and it’s all open-source, so you programmers should download the code and read the documentation.
  • A great design for a perfectly-greengineered home. But obviously it’s not suitable for urban or suburban environments, and can only work in certain climates. What would an engineer need to change to suit those new environments? Read the comments on the video.
  • Summer is coming up. Consider making your own aquaponic garden at home. They’re highly sustainable and produce both fish and veggies year round! You can get those kinds of barrels from syrup factories or distributors for very cheap.

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