OSU’s Global Formula Racing team, and the high school robotics to get there.


he GFR team at is one of our favorite engineering teams around, because they’re highly competitive and highly successful. They’ve won three championship titles, attract an international crew of OSU engineers, and have competed in Germany and Austria for international championships.

Read more about GFR, and watch their recently-released documentary below It gives you a window into the live of a GFR team member over the course of a year. Called “RELENTLESS.”

Check out 16:55 for an overview of the competitive events GFR participates in.
There’s a lot more to it than just racing: there’s engineering.
Also go to 21:50 to watch a driver’s-view time trial race.

Getting onto the GFR team requires you to have knowledge and drive. Oh, and you gotta go to OSU and study engineering. If you want to get a head start in the game, practice engineering while you’re still in high school by competing in local robotics competitions. It’s a little different, but  high school robotics competitions still have many of the same elements as FASE: design, construction, presentation and competition.

This year’s round of robotics competitions are coming to a close, but you can still read about one such robotics competition which took place at OSU. And be sure to prepare for next year’s competitions: FIRST, FRC, FTC. Of course, you’ll also want to teach yourself programming so when next year rolls around you know how to control your robot!

Read on:


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