Engineer what you can imagine at PSU


he idea behind ZeroN, the magnetic 3d tracking system, makes you think of all the things it could be used for. They show a few in the video, but we think this may be a clever idea for a 3d computer mouse. Check it out.

As it is, this idea doesn’t bring much new to the table.
Still, experimental research like this helps people down the road, who need
to use similar technology to do something in the real world.
Plus, experimentation is pretty awesome.

But do you know what we think is really cool? You don’t have to go to MIT for awesome opportunities like this. In fact, PSU’s engineering college, called the “Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science,” offers a really great experience.

And they’ve got the reputation to prove it, too. Four PSU seniors just won $10,000, beating colleges like UC Berkeley and MIT, at the world’s first Cornell Cup USA, an electrical engineering competition.

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