Link Dump 5/17

We hope you’re enjoying the nice late-Spring sun! But if you’d rather stay inside and check out some awesome engineering and computer science links, be our guest! Lots of cool videos below:

  • Here’s an idea: convert all paved roads to solar roads, which conduct electricity for local towns or even electric vehicles driving on top of them!
  • We could put layers of this electric-generating virus underneath the road, too. Squish this virus and it produces electricity!
  • You could be the engineer who makes solar sidewalks to power these little scooters. It makes us think of WALL-E, so maybe it would be better to focus on the solar roads idea.
  • Interesting research in brain-controlled robotics from Brown University: paralyzed woman controls robotic arm flawlessly enough to drink coffee with it.
  • Program or be programmed. This author has an interesting idea about the future of technology.
  • Read about crowdsourced intelligence, and how engineers and computer scientists seek to tap the knowledge of gamers.

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