OSU Students have some great senior engineering projects

The platform on top of that RC car is a "collision mitigation platform," to safe the car itself during a wreck.


very year, senior-year engineering students work on a huge project and show it off to the world before they graduate. All of them are interesting and unique projects, and are meant to demonstrate that you have come far enough in your education to actually do something awesome.

Here are a couple we think deserve your attention, which show the wide range of subjects you can cover in your senior project.

You've seen these before; it's a solar powered steam generator. The curved mirrors reflect the sun's light straight onto the tube, which boils water inside and creates enough pressure to move a turbine.

(Sorry, no picture for this one)—The “Walk on the Wildside” smartphone app was made by three computer science majors and it gives a virtual, self-guided tour of the Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center, which is near Grant’s Pass down at the South end of the state. According to one of its makers, it can show you around the center, tell you about the animals there, and tell you about what Wildlife Images (the group) does. Check out the app’s Google Play page.

But don’t forget about other universities! Read about how some PSU engineering students won the world’s first Cornell Cup USA.


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