Engineerguy strikes again: look inside a smartphone.


ngineerGuy is one of our favorite YouTube channels, and Bill Hammack knows how to keep engineering technology interesting—if it’s not interesting enough on its own already. Here, he explains the electrical and chemical engineering behind accelerometers, which detect movement and orientation.

Accelerometers are a simple but important device in electrical engineering
today, especially for mobile devices like smartphones.

And EngineerGuy has tons of videos like this. He’s a great internet educator, with each video of his giving a brief lesson on the content inside. And we think it’s a great way to decide what kind of engineering you should do. Watch a few of his videos and find which of them fascinate you.

If you catch yourself skipping the accelerometer video but watching the video on coffee makers or soda can pop tabs, you’re more likely to be a mechanical engineer. But if you’re most interested in how a digital camera sensor works, you might be an electrical engineer. And there are other types of engineering out there, and in his videos!


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