AP and IB classes will get you ready for college.

The College Board logo--they're the group who runs AP. Check out their website for some scholarship opportunities and other resources (link at the bottom).


any have said that AP and IB classes are ‘what high school classes should be.’ And if you ask the teachers of such classes, they’ll say that they’re the closest thing to college classes that you can get in high school.

The Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs for high school students are both very legit ways to get yourself ready for college. There are a few reasons why:

  • AP and IB classes are designed to be like college classes. The way content is covered, the pace of the classes, and the overall style of the classes will get you ready for how different college is from high school. And they are pretty different. You’ve probably heard it before but nobody holds your hand in college. Nobody’s legally forcing you to go to college, so everyone expects you to do all the caring.
  • AP and IB classes are actually modeled after college classes, in fact. Which is why…
  • AP and IB exams, at the end of the course, can prove your worth to universities. If you take a higher-level AP or IB class and pass the exam, you will have proved to many universities that you’ve effectively passed their classes. If you do especially well, you can skip past even more classes!

IB is an international group and their program is a little more involved than AP, but that doesn't mean that you're missing out if your school doesn't have IB. They're both great programs!

And more people are taking these kinds of classes. The U.S. Education Department releases a “Condition of Education” report every year, and the number of people who have completed a calculus class in high school rose from just 7% in 1990, to 16% in 2009. Read about the report from Gazette Times, a newspaper in Corvallis near OSU, about how more students take AP and IB classes.

In fact, science is getting so popular that some crooks are stealing scientific equipment from OSU. Not cool. We encourage everyone to work with universities. Because stealing sucks.

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