Link Dump 5/31

Check out these awesome engineering and computer science links!

  • The Federation of American Scientists has made a pretty fun defense game, called Immune Defense, still in beta. It’s not your traditional defense game, since you control white blood cells. The first couple levels are kind of slow, but things get really intense later on. A nice meld of biology and programming!
  • Screenshot of the intro to Immune Defense. This game gets really intense when you have 5 white blood cells fighting off hundreds of E-Coli cells!

    If you’re up for a long, interesting read, look at this Economist article about “robot ethics.” The Economist is a great magazine to read, about international affairs and other interesting things (like this)

  • A nice Tumblr blog which gives short spiels on different areas of science and math. Talks about things like comets, dendrochronology (study of tree rings), and innoculations.
  • Awesome TEDx talk about an electric go-cart. Just give it a watch.
  • If you’re interested in art, read this article about a graduate-level engineering program which seek to integrate engineering with art.
  • 3D printing is awesome, but as it becomes more popular, engineers who will use it need to start thinking about the legal implications of 3D printing, like copyright.
  • Are you reading this on a school or library computer? Save up a little money and buy one of these 8 cheapest computers in the world. That way you can program anywhere you want!
  • A little strange, but pretty cool: text-message controlled espresso machine. This is the kind of thing you can do with some computer science kung-fu and a smartphone!

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