Tear Apart Your Microwave: Why secondhand stores are your friend.


any people wind up being engineers because they like working with their hands. That interest starts with things like clay and LEGOs, but as you get older you might find yourself wanting something more. Toys are fun, after all, but you’re big enough to get your hands dirty with something bigger. Something more complicated. But it can be tough to find something suitable that you’re actually allowed to take apart. If you did what Engineerguy does in this video, you might get in a little trouble:

Engineerguy is one of our favorite YouTube channels.
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But GetReal thinks the drive to take stuff apart comes from a good place, and that drive is what makes a lot of people good engineers. So don’t let it die. Keep that drive to learn alive by going to a secondhand shop like Goodwill or Salvation Army, where you can buy used hardware like microwaves, TVs and computer monitors for way less than the price of a new one. Then take your bounty home and tear it apart.

This is a microwave gun on a truck. We recommend against trying a DIY version for now.

Gutting hardware is the most visceral and real way of learning how it works. (Consider for a second how doctors first learned about the human body; gruesome, but it gets the point across.) If you find yourself wanting to get your hands on something bigger and better than LEGOs or clay, save up a few bucks and head to a nearby secondhand store. Find some good stuff to tear apart, and maybe even rebuild.

Just don’t make a microwave gun. See left.


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