Link Dump 7/13

Today we’re just going to go straight to some of the greatest CS and engineering links on the internet:

  • These gloves were engineered to translate sign-language into text and voice.
  • One blog we like, “Coding In My Sleep,” posted about the famous new Ouya videogame console which runs Android OS.
  • Stephen Hawking, a famous scientist, has enlisted engineers to design a machine to read his mind so he can continue to communicate.

    On July 10th, Nikola Tesla had his 156th birthday. He was an under-acknowledged Austrian-American electrical and mechanical engineer. He invented the AC current, which is used everywhere as it’s much safer than DC. He worked for Thomas Edison, whose name you probably know much better. Edison is said to have stolen a lot of Tesla’s work. Learn more about Tesla at

  • Learn about SSL certificates, a commonly-used form of data encryption, because they’re really secure.
  • Watch an awesome video of an internal-combustion engine being completely dismantled, cleaned, and reassembled.
  • Meet Jeri Ellsworth, a self-taught engineer who uploads her DIY videos on YouTube. She has some fun DIY projects uploaded!
  • Read about a wind-powered vehicle which can travel both upwind and downwind, faster than the speed of the wind which powers it!
  • Stephen Hawking is testing a device which will read his mind, as his ALS slowly consumes his nervous system.

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