OIT’s New Wilsonville Campus


e’ve said before that computer skills are necessary for your success. All sorts of jobs, even health-related occupations, require them. Even for jobs which don’t seem like they requite computer skills, you will often hear that you need IT skills, “in order to be competitive.”

OIT Wilsonville begins classes on the 24th of September, with applications due the 3rd. You still have plenty of time!

That’s why Oregon has a university which is dedicated to teaching these skills: Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). This fall, they will open a new campus in Wilsonville, offering ten B.S. degrees and two M.S. degrees, in a variety of specializations. (Read more about what programs they offer.) It’s a great place to learn the computer skills which you’ll need to succeed.

Some people don’t think computers are really useful, because they never get to see how they’re used in the real world.

Located right next to a bus route into Portland, and just over a football field from I-5, OIT Wilsonville is easy to get to.

But that leads us to the interesting part: the new OIT campus shares its building with tech company Rockwell Collins. This will give student the opportunity to sometimes be taught be real professionals, and to work on real-world projects. If you’re skeptical about the real-world practicality of computer skills, give OIT a shot.

The new building is actually going to consolidate some campuses already in the area. This new, single, bigger campus will fit a good 500 students for its first term, and they plan to grow to a total of 1,000.

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