Link Dump 7/27

Nothing to say; just enjoy some great engineering and computer science links!

  • Let’s start out with a video of a robot which juggles 5 balls almost flawlessly. Turn the volume down because it’s noisy.
  • Some local news: someone sued Portland Public Schools to remove Wi-Fi on the basis that it exposes kids to radiation. The judge dismissed the case, knowing that unless you’re pressing the Wi-Fi antenna right up against your body, nothing’s going to happen. That’s because of the spectrum of radio waves Wi-Fi uses and the power at which it’s transmitted.
  • The infuriatingly cute CryptoCat logo

    Watch this fascinating video (from 1930!) of gears in motion.
  • Mathematicians, inspired by the rules of Sudoku puzzles, develop a new way to encrypt images. Cool!
  • A great blog which shoots down sensationalized news with reason and science, Unreasonably Dangerous Onion Rings, posted this great article about a proposed underground vacuum-rail, which news companies hyped by saying you could get from L.A. to New York in 45 minutes.
  • Finally (we love this so  much that we had to post on Facebook too), read about a 21 year old college student who programmed an amazingly simple encrypted-chat website which is also so highly-secured that people thought it would be impossible to make: CryptoCat.

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