How Mars Rovers Can Actually Help Us On Earth

Awesome image as Curiosity descends towards the martian surface.


henever NASA does something impressive, there is a wave of controversy about whether it was faked, or whether it’s a waste of money. And while GetReal supposes the latter is up for debate…

Wait, no we don’t. While the missions themselves don’t seem to have a direct benefit on our lives, the technologies developed for the missions have had a great impact. We think the work NASA engineers do has changed our lives in many ways.

That’s why we’re super excited about NASA’s new Mars rover, Curiosity, which just landed on the red planet a few days ago. Check out our last story about the Curiosity videogame, and then check out this video:

Try to think of some ways these technologies could be used to help
humans here on Earth.

Curiosity's shadow as it faces Mount Sharp, its main target of exploration and study.

First, we’ve got to say it’s pretty funny that we used to fear flying saucers from Mars, and we just sent our own flying saucer to Mars, to help Curiosity land.

But more to the point: besides awesome improvements in robotics and long-distance communications, the technologies which are a part of Curiosity’s mission can and will be adapted to help us out. It’s definitely not wasted money.

That’s why organizations like NASA are an interesting and cutting-edge place for engineers to work. Just like doing research at a university, you’ll actually be a part of creating new technologies, for the consumer world to turn into saleable products that people everywhere can use. And even though the technologies won’t be useful for everyone while it’s in your hands, it’s the first step in creating something new that is.

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