TED Talk: “Are droids taking our jobs?” — Yes, but also making new ones.


hen you start programming smartphone apps, you start thinking about the impact you’re going to have. And make no mistake: they’re going to have a huge impact.

Check out this interesting new TED talk about how human workers are going out of style, thanks to things like smartphone apps.

He concludes that, with these technological developments, the biggest industry is going to be the programming and computer science industry—the people who design the software and tell the robots what to do.

Our personal favorite line from this video: “Nobody cares where these kids grew up, where they went to school or what they look like. All anyone cares about is the quality of the work—the quality of the ideas.”

And he brings up an interesting topic for you to consider. Knowledge workers—what are they? A knowledge worker is just like it sounds: it’s someone who thinks for a living. That includes lawyers, doctors and scientists, but to us that sounds an awful like “engineers and computer scientists.” Because, chew on this, they’re the makers.

Lawyers, doctors and scientists do a lot of great work. They’re great professions to have. (Really!) But the majority of their work involves researching what has happened in the past. Engineers and computer scientists? They look to the future, and get to decide what happens in the future.

We’re going through a revolution a lot like the one that took place in the late 1700s. We’ve said it before: don’t just ride the wave. Surf it and push it to its limits.


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