OSU’s own Aerospace Club launches


regon State University has recently launched another great engineering club, giving you one more reason to study there when you go to college. Students Brandon Thoennes and Michael Roos, both of whom are engineering students, got the club off the ground this year with the help of a few faculty advisers—but as a “sponsored student organization” they’re in charge of running it themselves.

This rocket is an example of what OSU's AIAA club will launch in future competitions. Image from Daily Barometer.

Brandon and Michael and the president and vice president, respectively. They make all the decisions for the OSU chapter of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The club plans to build remote-controlled rockets and enter into competitions with other university AIAA clubs, just like OSU’s SAE club currently does.

Currently they’ve got over 20 members, and hope to grow fast. By the time you get to OSU, they may be huge. If rocket science interests you, watch October Sky and join this club when you get to college.

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