Oregon College Application Week, 2012.


enior year of high school can be pretty crazy. Pretty scary, for some people. And one of the biggest stressors is the pressure to apply for college. Where should you apply? How will you pay for it? What should you major in? Aren’t the deadlines tough?

And you know, applying for college can be pretty confusing and, therefore, discouraging. This is actually a major reason a lot of people your age wind up not applying.

Oregon CAW helps students around the state figure out the process of applying for college.

If you’re getting discouraged as you try to apply for college, or even if you’re getting discouraged just thinking about it, you’re lucky to be in Oregon—where we have a whole week dedicated to helping you take control of college applications. It’s called Oregon College Application Week. And while the name isn’t very catchy, it does turn into CAW, which is cool.

Name aside, CAW is going to be super helpful to anyone who even wants to go to college. At CAW, you’ll get access to helpful resources to find a college which is a good match for your interests, advice on how to pick a major (hint: you don’t need to know right off the bat) and, of course, help actually filling out your college application!

Check out this list of pilot sites for the 2012 Oregon CAW.

You can also look at this map, which has all 8 of the locations listed. Find the one closest to you and see if you can make it!


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