Link Dump 11/16

We’ll keep talking to a minimum today; just enjoy these awesome engineering and CS links!

  • If you want proof that the inventor of the Segway is actually a cool guy, check out his latest project, SLINGSHOT, which is designed to provide clean water around the world.
  • We posted on our Facebook page, an automatic book scanner that Google engineers built using a vacuum. Just recently, Google made their project open-source.
  • If you’re looking to improve your Google-fu, here’s a great way: “You Google Wrong,” an article about ways to improve your Google-fu. Good Googling skills are essential for everyone—especially programmers who need to look for an answer quickly.
  • Read about a girl with severe Autism, who is now able to communicate thanks to tablet PCs.
  • Laser harps are pretty cool, but only if you listen to them with graphene speakers. We love talking about graphene.
  • Read and watch about how Portal 2 is coming to be used to teach math and physics.
  • If you’re concerned with privacy rights and user data—like what’s been going on with Facebook recently—check out the User Data Manifesto, a ‘.org’ website which aims to establish basic privacy rights for everyone on the internet.

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