Clever-K: almost scary, but just so awesome.


obotics, originally from the Czech word for slavery, is growing into something much more than machines doing simple, mundane tasks. Today, robotics is one of the fastest-growing branches of computer science and engineering. Just read some of the other robotics stuff we’ve covered and you’ll see how diverse and rapidly-changing it is.

Today, we’re going to share an awesome video from Swedish robotics group IDSIA, and their project for the Clever-K learning architecture. Just watch:

MoBeE is their modular system for Clever-K, which helps a robot learn how to use its own ‘body.’

These robots basically are being programmed to grow through infancy and childhood.

(Also, check out that dude’s giant mohawk.)

What’s powering all of this? Computer science. It’s the fastest growing profession in the world, and will probably stay that way for a long time. Computer scientists can do everything from theoretical work, to programming AI, to making smartphone apps. Computer scientists live in the real world, but are at home in the virtual world.

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