Oregon Leaders Eager to Listen to High School Students.


nd they really listened when high school senior Savannah Loberger spoke at an Oregon Leadership Summit. We’ve written about some of the other things Savannah has done, such as designing and running an all-girls program called Girls Get IT.

Listen to her speech about high school engineering:

She cracks a couple good jokes, too.

Savannah was pretty lucky, because she got to go to Hillsboro High School which has an excellent engineering program under Don Domes. And maybe not every high school has an engineering program like it, but she sure got a lot of people listening to her.

By the way, she spoke just a few minutes after the governor of the state of Oregon. And she was speaking in front of business leaders and politicians (state and national legislators)—the kind of people who, listening to Savannah speak, can actually do something about it.

Savannah Loberger is the mastermind of Girls Get IT, and acted as a student mentor this year.

Here’s the point: Those leaders want to listen to you. They want to make your schools better, and they want to give you opportunities. And they want to hear what you have to say. Which means we need more people to speak up about what they want.

If you’ve ever had a problem with the way things are taught, especially if it has to do with a lack of classes you’re interested in—like engineering or computer science—you ought to tell someone how you think schools can improve, and see what you can do yourself. Rattle some cages! These people are eager to listen, and if you work hard you could get the same kind of recognition that Savannah does.

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