How to live in the open world.


heck out this video about what the future of the world might be like, with an open internet. An open internet means open ideas, and the free sharing of ideas, with the intent of spreading knowledge to everyone.

Listening to his story starting at 9:54, about the Tunisian revolution,
and how the internet was creatively used by civilians,
shows the real power of the internet. 

We like to remind you that we don’t support breaking piracy, or breaking the law. At all. Illegal = bad, folks.

Here's what one version of Linux looks like. Pretty classy! Also remember that the Android smartphone OS is Linux-based.

But we strongly believe in the openness of information for the betterment of humankind. We believe in freedom, one of the principles the U.S. was founded on. Read about Ben Franklin’s stance on patents, the pieces of law which declare that someone ‘owns’ any given idea.

This is why GetReal so supports free and open software, such as the Linux operating system, and programming languages like Python. If you want to get connected with other people using Linux, or other people programming with Python, give Internet Relay Chat (IRC) a shot. And dive into the world of open-source programming…

…where any idea can be created by one, and then improved by anyone.